Movement and Meditation in the MountainS

Yoga - Dance - Nature - Meditation - Farm Fresh Food

Spring Retreat 2019

Friday May 3rd - Sunday May 5th


disrupt your pattern. Find your balance.

This weekend is designed to submerge you in nature, tune you into your body and take you back to your center. It is a life pause - a weekend long ceremony to bring you back into connection with your Self, other human beings and Mother Nature. The place is the Shawangunk Mountains, just an hour and a half from NYC, at the newly built Arts On Site Residency and Retreat Center. This two-day, two-night weekend retreat features:

· Meditation and Hiking in the mountains 

· Morning Yoga led by Mara Lileas, owner and teacher at NP Rock Yoga in New Paltz 

· Connection Lab Workshop - led by Ariel Figueroa 

· 5 Rhythms Workshop - led by Ariel Karass

· Breath Work - Led by Debbie Attias

· Tibetan Singing Bowl Ceremony led by Kaitlyn Johnston 

· Healing Sessions - One-on-one sessions with healer and meditation teacher Stephanie Lin 

· Seasonal Spring Menu by head Chef Brian Arsenault, sourced from local farms in the Hudson Valley


Accomodations: To make this retreat available for all budgets, we have included some different styles of accommodations including shared rooms, bed in communal bell tents, or bring your own tent to camp.


·      Shared bedroom $450

·      Private 10’ Yurt $425

·      Bed in Communal Yurts $400

·      Bed in communal canvas bell tent $400

·      Camping with your own tent $350

Includes accommodations, all meals and snacks, activities and workshops.

Transportation: The center is a quick hour and half trip from New York City.

Bus leaves from Port Authority and arrives in New Paltz, NY Friday early evening, where we will pick you up and drive you to the center (about 20 minutes from town).



This weekend is for anyone who wants to reconnect with whats going inside, a sweet respite from the hectic energy of daily life. This is a sacred space for ceremony in nature, a space for rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit and welcoming in the new energy of the season. We all have "stuff" we need to move out. No matter who you are, or what walk of life you come from, we are all hard wired for being in connection. When we give ourselves the time, space and permission to "drop in", profound transformation takes place.

No yoga, meditation or dance experience is necessary, just a desire to be present, connect with amazing people and hit the reset button.




Sybil, Branding Strategist, Brooklyn, NY

Sybil, Branding Strategist, Brooklyn, NY

Never have I been in a container so supportive, loving and downright fun as Ariel's retreat. The weekend started with almost 30 strangers brought together and ended with us in a raw, vulnerable, nurturing puddle of human connection. Ariel is a maestro of transformation - he gently orchestrates an individual and collective experience that has the power to move your body, open your heart, and expand your mind. He's the real deal - it's his warmth, integrity, and pure honesty that invite everyone around him to show up in the same way.

A breath of fresh air! I experienced a much needed release of and reconnection with my SELF. Each activity, every meal, the retreat center, lodgings, everything was put together with such great care and love. A beautiful weekend from start to finish.

Jihan, Massage Therapist, New York, NY

Jihan, Massage Therapist, New York, NY

Fil, Wilderness Guide, Madison, WI

Fil, Wilderness Guide, Madison, WI

I’ve been to a number of retreats at larger, established venues hosted by “big-name” teachers.  While those have been great events, I found Ariel’s retreat to be a much richer and more personal experience.  Interacting with a small group in variety of different contexts revealed many unconscious biases and blockages in my approach to life.  In a very short period of time I acquired new ways of sharing deep aspects of my emotional being with others.  In turn, I felt connected and supported by the group; I felt that I had “come home” after many years of wandering alone in a foreign and uncaring landscape.  Previously I would not have believed it possible to build such connections in just 48 hours.  I left the retreat full of gratitude and a new excitement for all that life has to offer.

Maristela, New York, NY

Maristela, New York, NY

It was a very special retreat and I felt a very powerful change inside of me and a renewed new me emerged. Everyone was kind and loving and I strongly recommend that to anyone who is trying to reconnect to their Higher Self. 

Natalie, Running Coach, Long Island, NY

Natalie, Running Coach, Long Island, NY

I can't believe how amazing this retreat was. I am an extremely busy person who can't seem to stop and take moments to daily reflect and calm down. It's hard to allow myself to stop moving in this digital world too! It even took me almost a month to write this review! However, being on this retreat has opened my eyes again to staying connected, feeling other people's energies, giving love and accepting love with IN PERSON relationships! The hugs that we gave each other daily were so warm and healing! The meditation exercises Ariel had us do were both fun, uncomfortable at times, and rewarding to say the least. This retreat was so homegrown and magical I can't wait to go back in November! Writing this review is also helping me and bringing me back to remind me what I learned there, love yourself, slow down and be present, nourish your body, stay open and willing, and lastly get connected with others and nature! ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT! 


For more information, email or call:

tel 917. 767. 1893